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Top 10 Best Flooring for Dogs in 2017 Reviews

Having a crate or kennel gives a dog a sense of territory and a place to call their own. This is why people have them in their home or build them outside. However, this presents some problems that we have the solution for you today.

First, dogs like to roll and layout. This invites fleas, ticks and sting insects that they can bring back into the house or kennel area.

Two, the outdoors itself becomes wet, the dirt turns to mud, and that gets everywhere. Three, you have to worry about the hygiene of your pet as well as accompanying odors.

This all can be avoided if you install a raised kennel or crate flooring system. Today well are highlighting 10 flooring systems from Amazon in various sizes and combinations of modules, drain thru flooring, and tile sections all of which separate you pet(s) from the ground, their kennel/crate from your homes flooring, and gives them a healthy environment to run, sleep, and play in.

1. The Kennel Deck

1. The Kennel Deck
If you have a doghouse or outdoor crate you want to give you favorite pet, some place to lie down and relax that doesn’t entail lying in the grass with the possibility of fleas and ticks. Now you can build your own modular deck for your dog that is sanitary, protects them from biting and stinging insects and is less expensive than a concrete run.

Now you can have it all, more with this mini Kennel deck that puts together in a jiffy and now you pet can relax and enjoy the weather outdoors, and you don’t have to worry about your carpeting and floors getting soiled by what your dog may track in.

The deck is also easy to clean and with a quick spritz of the hose, it is gleaming bright once more.

2. Dog Flooring 2ft x 4ft Sections Set of 4

2. Dog Flooring 2ft x 4ft Sections Set of 4
You can now build a crate or kennel floor in sections to any size you need with this interlocking modular system. Made from 2’X4′ sections you can create your own customized kennel floor that is rugged and tough and will stand up to cleaners, disinfectants, and high-pressure spray washing.

You now have the perfect surface to let your pet romp and play on without endangering your carpeting, tile, and wood flooring. Your kennel or crate area look pristine and there is no lingering odor as the surface resists mold and bacteria as well as easy to clean.

3. PetEdge Molded Plastic Dog Kennel Deck

3. PetEdge Molded Plastic Dog Kennel Deck
By creating a kennel deck, you keep your dog(s) away from the wet ground and bugs that bite. In addition, you provide them with a clean and disease free area to rest and relax on when they are outside their crate or kennel.

The deck itself sits 2″ of the ground and is made of rugged plastic that cleans quickly and easily and can resist bacteria, mold and mildew with ease. It also would hold odors and after it’s cleans it sparkles and looks brand new again.

This doggie deck measures a whopping 47.1/2″ X 24″ so you pet has enough room to stretch out and not have to worry about falling off.

4. Raised Dog Kennel – Dog Run Flooring

4. Raised Dog Kennel - Dog Run Flooring
Made from rugged Polyethylene plastic the gray coloring goes good with almost any decor and takes you dog off the bug laden ground and raised them above that and the dirt and debris. They can then stand, walk, and play without fear of getting dirty and possibly bringing that and 6 legged pests into your home or kennel as well. Your home stays cleaner and your pet stays healthier as well.

You can even lay them side by side to create and even larger area if you have more than one pet and associated kennel or crate.

5. Section Yard Kennel Raised Flooring System

5. Section Yard Kennel Raised Flooring System
With interlocking pieces, this kennel flooring system puts together in a jiffy. Once it’s in place you dog can rest comfortably raise above the dirt and grime of the kennel area. Their coat stays cleaner and they aren’t troubled by ticks, ants, and other stinging and biting insects.

This flooring system is hygienic and doesn’t hold odors and after cleaning there with be no mold, mildew, and bacteria to threaten neither your pet’s health nor yours as well. Since it is made in sections, you can build a customized kennel run just by laying the sections end to end and you can accommodate any size venue your imagination can conceive of.

6. Kennel Deck – 3 Pack

6. Kennel Deck - 3 Pack
For those of you who have larger dogs or want to build a dog run then this is the package for you. You get 3 kennel deck sections that you can interconnect in any manner you fancy and now not only is your pet resting off the ground free from the weather and insects but they have a clean area to relax on.

Cleaning this decking material is simple and quick and now you have a clean, sanitary and a surface that prevents sliding and gives them a non-skid surface to play on. They’ll be high & dry, clean, and they wouldn’t pick up any vermin and bring them back to the kennel, crate, and your house. This means you have a healthier animal and a cleaner home environment as well.

7. Kennel Deck

7. Kennel Deck
Made from weather resistant Polypropylene material you have a raised deck or kennel floor that keep your pet off the ground and free of the mud and water. This deck also allows air to circulate keeping your pet cooler in summer when the heat can often be unbearable if you wear a fur coat 24/7 like your dog.

The deck measure 23.5″ X 47 X 2″ and is large enough to accommodate most small and medium breeds with ease. If your dog is larger or requires more room, no problem laying down multiple, deck sections lets you create the perfect dream deck for your furry K-9 friend.

8. Section Yard Kennel Tile Flooring [Set of 2]

8. Section Yard Kennel Tile Flooring [Set of 2]
If you have an indoor kennel or crate, you probably want to keep it off the carpeting or hardwood flooring. Here is the perfect answer and you lay down a tile modular floor that can accommodate your crate or porta-kennel with ease. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain or hold odors.

Now you can put your crate/kennel anywhere and not worry about leak through or ruining your expensive carpeting or flooring. Your pet will be happy as well as they have an area they can call their own and, therefore, feel more secure and less anxious when you are away.

You get a set of two sections to start you out and you can add more as needed to fit the size of the area you want to cover. After that, you can move the sections around to give you the best fit for any room in your home to help the kennel/crate fit seamlessly into your decor.

9. Zinger Winger Drain Thru Crate Flooring

9. Zinger Winger Drain Thru Crate Flooring
if you want to keep, your pet’s crate high and dry here is your answer as it allow liquid to drain through and leaves the upper surface dry. Each section of flooring measures 20″ X 29″ and you can place multiple sections together to give you more area should you require it.

This is the perfect way to keep your crate clean and easy to maintain. It also provides a firm and yet comfortable surface for your dog to rest on as well and beats sleeping on a cold crate floor.

10. Basic Yard Kennel Raised Flooring System

10. Basic Yard Kennel Raised Flooring System, Best Flooring for Dogs Reviews
For thus of you who need a raised kennel flooring system to cover a large are here is a 192″ W X 72″ L and 2″ high flooring system that can either floor a large kennel and keep it off the ground or let you build your pet a deluxe doggie yard. This allows you to build a large play area for your pet that is free of insects, dirt, water, and debris.

Your dog will be healthier and the entire floor can be cleaned in minutes with a hose with a spray attachment. It is rugged and can hold up the most active of animals and resists bacteria, mold, and mildew as well. It also wouldn’t stains or hold odor. This gives you the best of outdoor fun for your pet with the safety and hygiene of being indoors.

Raising you kennel only 2″ can mean the difference from a clean kennel area and one that is dirty, insect infested, and smelly. By investing in a raised floor system you are not only keeping your pet’s living area clean, but also keeping them healthier as they don’t have to contend with wet ground, insect pests, and mold/mildew/bacteria.

You also don’t have to deal with the mess, odor, and cleaning problems as these surfaces all clean quickly and simply so this is a win for you and a win for your pet and in the end you’ll both be happier.

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